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Originally from Fukuoka, Japan Aki has had a passion specifically for Harley Davidson motorcycles since he was a young man. His desire to work on motorcycles brought him to the U.S. in 1995 and 3 years later he attended and graduated from the Motorcycle Mechanic Institute in the Summer of 1999 as a Certified Technician in Harley Davidson, Early and Late Model Rebuild & Performance.


After returning to Fukuoka and having worked in the motorcycle industry for a number of years, Aki’s next goal was to return to the U.S. and work for Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, and he did just that.


Hog Killers was opened in January of 2009 after years of apprenticeship and working under the direction of Jesse James. Here, many opportunities were afforded to Aki, be it fabrication, research & design, many different learning experiences that come with building bikes, that Aki will forever be grateful for. 

At W.C.C. not only did Aki build custom bikes for clients but he also began to build a client base for himself from customer referrals wanting continued service on bikes either previously owned or the bikes built at the shop. This client base was built on the ‘no bull shit attitude’ that you either love or hate knowing Aki.


Aki has earned respect in the industry as a custom bike builder for his unique designs, detail oriented craftsmanship and awesome paint jobs.


Hog Killers, Inc. has proudly been producing made in the USA parts, accessories and apparel since 2010.

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